To create a new bibliography, after LOGGING IN, you can do one of two things.


Select the category (and subcategory), and type the title of the new bibliography.

If the statement below says that 'You are not allowed to add pages', then you have not logged in.

You are not allowed to add pages


If you want to create a new category or categories for your new bibliography, in the box below type the category or categories and the new bibliography title, separated by colons but no spaces, and click search. A message will tell you that there is no such page. Click 'create this page' on the menu bar. ONLY THE PAGE TITLE CAN HAVE A CAPITAL LETTER.

E.g. to create a bibliography for Zephaniah, type in the box exactly the below


Tip 1: when editing or adding a bibliography, use the Fck editor for wysiwyg. It also handles pastes from Word documents very well.
Tip 2: to upload files, drop back to the basic text editor (click the DW edit button). The wysiwyg upload function isn't the best.
Tip 3: If in doubt, or if it's all too much for you, JUST EMAIL ME your work.

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