Welcome to Bibliopedia, an online bibliographies wiki for theological students, particularly students at the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne (ptc.vic.edu.au ).

PTC students will hopefully find that the bibliograpies correlate with the classes they take and the assignments they are given.

Downloads and passwords

Many bibliographies have downloadable content.

Copyrighted material is from the collection of the PTC library, and requires a password to access. The password is available only to PTC students, who may only use the files for personal study purposes, and may not distribute them in any form, in accordance with Australian copyright law pertaining to educational institutions.

Can I help?

Yes you can. This is a wiki, which means it is just like Wikipedia. If you are a theological student who has received a reasonably high grade for an assignment, why not upload the bibliography here, or extend an existing bibliography?

You will need to sign up. GO ON! SIGN UP! You will receive a password immediately by email. PTC students and staff can sign in with their Ebsco usernames and passwords.

Tip 1: when editing a page, use the Fck editor for wysiwg.
Tip 2: If in doubt, or if it's all too much for you, JUST EMAIL ME your work.

Can I upload resources?

Yes and no. If you have non-copyrighted material, this can be linked to a bibliography entry and uploaded.

MATERIAL IN COPYRIGHT MUST BE FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE PTC LIBRARY. Still, do not upload it yourself. It needs to receive password protection.

If you are a PTC student, instead of just copying an article for your own use, scan it to pdf, and email it to jared.hood@ - you know the domain - for upload here.

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